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Old Groucho's Tips For A Heathly 2023

by Jon Lawrence
9 minutes
Old Groucho's Tips For A Heathly 2023



Stop feeding yourself with empty calories. Crisps, chips and sugary drinks are nutritionally useless and can make you ill over a period of time. Give them up!




Expose yourself daily to natural light. It helps to set your body clock and contributes to good sleep. Don’t look at screens for too long this can sabotage your body clock.




Walk barefoot on the grass every day and come into contact with negative ions in the earth. They can help neutralise ‘free radicals’ in the body that contribute to ill health.




Grow your own food: Imagine eating fresh food from the garden. No air miles and much cheaper. Good exercise too!





Make sure you hug a loved one daily, person or pet. This stimulates the feel good hormone oxytocin and will make both of you happier.




Give up snacking between meals. Give your digestive system a rest. Don’t eat for at least 12 hours so the digestive system can repair.




Keep yourself hydrated. Drink more than a litre of water a day with a small slice of lemon.




Sing! Join a choir and/or sing in the bath. Gets you oxygenated, good for memory and of course good for lungs and circulation.




Keep moving. That’s what we were designed to do. Not sit down for hours. Running and dancing and just plain old walking will be fine.



Do a simple workout every day to stimulate your metabolism. Look up Dr Zach Bush’s 4-minute workout on you tube. You do this 3 times a day. Makes a big difference to your posture and strength. Easy.





Eat organic food where possible. This minimises your intake of pesticides. They are associated with ill health. Organic agriculture also looks after the soil better.




Have a laugh. Laughing and having fun is seriously good for your health.


Do all these and you won’t need to come and see us at Turning Point.


Whether you take our advice or not is up to you. We wish you Happy New Year anyway!