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Never Been Well Since.....

by Jon Lawrence
5 minutes
Never Been Well Since.....

Note: Permission has been granted to share the stories but names have been changed.

Jean, 32 had sore knees. I asked her how long she had experienced these symptoms. She had to think. “For about 15 years” she said.

“Did anything happen to you around that time?” I asked.

She thought for a while. Then her eyes lit up.

“Oh!” She said, “A couple of months before I fell down the stairs on my bottom!”

During the examination that followed I found a tight compression in a couple of the pelvic bones. I used some gentle ‘functional’ techniques to release the tightness over 3 sessions and the knee pain disappeared.


Amy, 54 saw Rosemary. Her presenting symptoms, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and fatigue was something that had affected her since she was a teenager. Her response to the same question was that she had experienced food poisoning in the same year a little while before the symptoms appeared. She also had glandular fever around the same time. With that information Rosemary was able to prescribe remedies that gave an immediate improvement. It took a good while longer for the bulk of the symptoms to resolve, but the problem became manageable.


Alan, 64 had recurrent neck pain. This was very painful at times; he would find himself unable to turn his head comfortably. He would also describe his head as being too heavy for his neck.


When I examined him, I found the characteristic tightness around the 5th vertebra in the neck that is often associated with an accident such as a whiplash. The 5th vertebra is the neck ‘pivot’. In addition, he was very tight in the upper back. I also found a kind of compression in the breastbone area that I have learned to associate with a feeling of the tissues being ‘in shock’. The picture was consistent with a car accident namely a whiplash and a seat belt compression. He was amazed that I had picked this up. It is surprising that when a case history is taken how people seem to forget some significant events in their life. It turned out that he had had a car accident in his early twenties when his vehicle hit a another coming out of a side road.


Addressing the effects of this historical trauma freed the neck up and also seemed to sporadic episodes of palpitations that he experienced.


Paul was only 34 yet he had been warned that his blood sugar was high, and he was pre-diabetic. One of the principal symptoms he experienced was feeling tired after a meal. This had been occurring for 3 years and was slowly getting worse.


Having been asked the question about what was happening to him prior to onset of symptoms, he reported a very stressful time at work.


Rosemary put him on her EAV (electro-acupuncture according to Voll) machine that tests acupuncture channels on the hands and feet. She found that the pancreas channel and the kidney/adrenal channels were giving high readings.


Pancreas damage can cause diabetes and the adrenal glands can get irritated by stress. Rosemary found some remedies that brought the readings down and prescribed them. Three session six weeks apart as well addressing a poor diet of lots of refined carbohydrates and meditation resolved the symptoms.


One the main lessons we have learned in years of practice is how valuable it is to identify the timeline of the condition. If the cause is found, the treatment is often indicated, and the problem can be resolved more quickly.